I have started my training for my CISSP, so many many cool links will be posted on this site. Well, cool if you’re a huge nerd. Here’s the first few. Pentesting Framework: CISSP Training Resources: 17799

Password Protect Splunk

Here’s my fig for Ubuntu 8.10 Server. $ cat /etc/apache2/sites-available/splunk<virtualhost X.X.X.X:80> ServerAdmin root@localhost ServerAlias ProxyPass / ProxyPassReverse / ErrorLog /var/log/ CustomLog /var/log/ common</virtualhost><proxy*> Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from all AuthName “” AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /var/www/.htpasswd Require valid-user</proxy>$ cat /var/www/.htaccessAuthUserFile /var/www/.htpasswdAuthName “Authorized Users Only”AuthType Basicrequire Read more…