I’ve had this problem for a while, and lately it really got on my nerves. I run compiz on my work and home machines with dual monitors and twinview. When I maximize a window, it really maximizes and across both screens. Very very annoying. No matter what version of compiz I tried I ran into the same issue. Even with git. I set out today to find a fix, and here it is. It’s so simple I could kick myself.

1. Open ccsm, click General Options, Display Settings.

2. Uncheck Detect Outputs.

3. Enter in two outputs, one for each monitor like so…


4. Now you should be able to maximize to whatever window your application is on. But you may have two cubes which is lame.

5. If you have two cubes, click back in ccsm and click Desktop Cube. Select One Big Cube in Multi Output Mode.

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